RTN European Program MRTN-CT-2004-503369  (from Oct. 2004 to Sept. 2008)

The Quest For Unification: Theory Confronts Experiment

Project overview :

The purpose of the present project is to conduct research on both theoretical and phenomenological aspects on the physics of fundamental forces among elementary particles. The basic issues are: (i) to probe the physics of strong, electromagnetic and weak interactions beyond the current theory (Standard Model) which describes them accurately up to distances of the order of 10^{-15} cm; (ii) to unify their quantum description together with the gravitational force. The directions of research are strongly motivated by the large amount of experimental data expected during the next years, and by the prospect of important progress in several areas of theoretical physics.
The main objectives of the network research are: (a) the origin of mass; quark, charged lepton and neutrino masses and mixing; (b) supersymmetric phenomenology; (c) particle astrophysics and cosmology; (d) string phenomenology; (e) extra dimensions, Kaluza Klein phenomenology and gravity modifications; (f) dualities and non-perturbative effects. The participating teams have already played a leading role across the whole spectrum of the physics involved, from theoretical aspects of string theory to phenomenological analysis of the relevant experimental data. They have a long history of collaborations, which the present network plans to coordinate and further strengthen, taking profit of their expertise and the complementarity of their views and approaches. In this way, the project intends to provide stimulus to the ongoing European experimental programs in high energy physics. (For more information, see the program of our work.)

Description of partnership

All the research teams in the network have been already involved in joint research in the past and their members have co-authored a large number of publications. Five of the participating institutes (Greece, Madrid, Oxford, Paris, Trieste) collaborated in the preceding SCIENCE EU programme (contract no. SC1*-CT92-0792) on string phenomenology. Most of the others were part of the Human Capital and Mobility network (contract no. CHRX-CT93-0132) on flavour dynamics. The majority of the teams participated also in the FP4 Training and Mobility of Researchers network (contract no. ERBFMRX-CT96-0090) on Physics Beyond the Standard Model, and in the FP5 Improving Human Potential network (contract no. HPRN-CT-2000-00148) on Physics Across the Present Energy Frontier. Finally, members of the network started an annual international conference circulated among locations of the participating nodes on ``Physics from Planck to Electroweak Scale" (Warsaw 98, Bonn 99, Il Ciocco 00, La Londe 01, Kazimierz 02, Madrid 03, Bad Honnef 04, Trieste 05, Paris 06, Warsaw 07).

Coordination :


Theory Division,
CERN, 1211 Geneva 23, SWITZERLAND,
Tel 41-22 767 3201
Fax 41-22 767 3800,


Centre de Physique Théorique,
Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau cedex, FRANCE,
Tel 33-1 69 33 47 28
Fax 33-1 69 33 30 08,

Scientists in charge in the participating institutes:

Postdoctoral (and PhD) Positions

Our network has a total of 29 postdoc-years available (as well as 3 PhD-years at Oxford), to be used in the academic four years of the contract. They are usually given for 2 years and the salary depends on the place of appointment.

Rules for the appointment of postdocs:

The European commission has the following rules for the appointments of postdocs :



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