Post Doctoral Fellow

Research group: Condensed Matter

Research interests:

My research is focused on the theoretical investigation of strongly correlated materials, e.g. rare-earth permanent magnets or correlated color pigments. In this context, I am using density functional theory (DFT), many-body perturbation theory (GW) and dynamical mean-field theory (DMFT), and I am developing further methods beyond DMFT.
I studied Physics at Vienna University of Technology, where I obtained my M.Sc. in 2013 and my PhD in 2017. During my PhD, I have developed a new method for strongly correlated materials, the ab-initio dynamical vertex approximation. The latter is a diagrammatic extension of DMFT that makes it possible to treat materials with non-local electronic correlations and a non-local effective Coulomb interaction.
Currently, I am investigating the role of electronic correlations in rare-earth-based permanent magnets. My project is part of a joint ANR-DFG research project whose aim is to identify or even design new materials for permanent magnet applications. Furthermore, I am studying the optical properties of correlated pigment materials, among them certain rare-earth fluorosulfides and rare-earth cuprates. These novel pigment materials show brilliant colors and might be good alternatives for conventional pigments that often contain toxic heavy metals.
I am also interested in electronic entanglement in the solid state (e.g. fermionic entanglement measures) and its connection to quantum information. Not at last, I also have a background (B.A.) in philosophy and I like to think and read about questions related to the foundations of physics and the relation to other - in particular philosophical - approaches to the world.
Phone number +33(0) 1 69 33 42 81
Address CPHT, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau cedex, France
Office 'Aile 0', office 1006


Thesis: "Towards an ab-initio treatment of materials with local and non-local electronic correlations”, supervised by Prof. Karsten Held, TU Vienna (2017)


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J. Phys. Soc.Jpn. 87, 041004 (2018)

A. Galler, P. Thunström, P. Gunacker, J. M. Tomczak, and K. Held
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Phys. Rev. B 95, 115107 (2017)

A. Galler, C. Taranto, M. Wallerberger, M. Kaltak, G. Kresse, G.Sangiovanni, A. Toschi, and K. Held
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