Post Doctoral Fellow

Research group: String Theory 

Research inyterests :

Phenomenology of physics beyond the Standard Model, Dark Matter, precision and flavor physic

Thesis : "Flavor and Dark Matter Issues in Supersymmetric Models", September 13, 2013 

Selected publications :

1. D. Chowdhury and O. Eberhardt,
Global fits of the two-loop renormalized Two-Higgs-Doublet model with soft Z2 breaking,
Journal of High Energy Physics 1511, 052 (2015)

2. D. Chowdhury, R. M. Godbole, K. A. Mohan and S. K. Vempati,
Charge and Color Breaking Constraints in MSSM after the Higgs Discovery at LHC,

Journal of High Energy Physics 1402, 110 (2014)

3. D. Chowdhury, K. M. Patel, X. Tata and S. K. Vempati,
Indirect Searches of the Degenerate MSSM,
Physical Review D 95, no. 7, 075025 (2017)

4. A. Azatov, D. Chowdhury, D. Ghosh and T. S. Ray,
Same sign di-lepton candles of the composite gluons,
Journal of High Energy Physics 1508, 140 (2015)

5. D. Chowdhury, R. Garani and S. K. Vempati,
SUSEFLAV: Program for supersymmetric mass spectra with seesaw mechanism and rare lepton flavor violating decays,
Computer Physics Communications 184, 899 (2013)

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