Equipe de recherche : Théorie des cordes 

Thèse : "Correspondance holographique en espace plat et anti-de-Sitter, trous noirs et applications"

Directeur de thèse : Marios Petropoulos

Thématiques de recherche :

Holographic correspondence among gravitational and gauge interactions is a timely subject between string and field theory. Its practical implementation requires the determination of gravitational backgrounds solving Einstein’s equations with negative cosmological constant and possessing black-hole properties (horizons). The holographic interpretation of these backgrounds provides a large palette of systems at finite temperature and finite chemical potential, as e.g. quark-gluon plasmas, superfluids, superconductors and many others, relevant for condensed matter.

  • General black holes in various dimensions, thermodynamic properties, phase diagrams;
  • Holographic methods and holographic interpretation;
  • Flat-space holography and its specific geometric tools;
  • Bulk gravitational four-dimensional duality and its boundary manifestations;
  • Higher-dimensional bulk properties (Spin7 and G2 holonomy);
  • Determination of transport coefficients in emergent neutral fluids (e.g. Hall viscosity for the behaviour of rotating superfluids);
  • Charged fluid and their holographic ascendants;
  • Out-of-equilibrium properties.

String-theory (or supergravity) embedding of the above bulk backgrounds is a complementary orientation, together with the study of 11-dimensional supergravity solutions and of their holographic duals. 

Publications :

Ciambelli L, Marteau C, Petkou AC, Petropoulos PM, Siampos K.
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Classical Quantum Gravity. 2018;35(16):165001.

Ciambelli L, Marteau C, Petkou AC, Petropoulos PM, Siampos K.
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Journal of High Energy Physics. 2018;7:165.
DOI: 10.1007/JHEP07(2018)165.

Campoleoni A, Ciambelli L, Marteau C, Petkou AC, Petropoulos PM, Siampos K.
Relativistic and Carrollian fluids in three-dimensional holography.


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