Equipe de recherche : Théorie des cordes 

Thèse : "Correspondance holographique en espace plat et anti-de-Sitter, trous noirs et applications"

Directeur de thèse : Marios Petropoulos

Thématiques de recherche :

Holographic correspondence among gravitational and gauge interactions is a timely subject between string and field theory. Its practical implementation requires the determination of gravitational backgrounds solving Einstein’s equations with negative cosmological constant and possessing black-hole properties (horizons). The holographic interpretation of these backgrounds provides a large palette of systems at finite temperature and finite chemical potential, as e.g. quark-gluon plasmas, superfluids, superconductors and many others, relevant for condensed matter.

  • General black holes in various dimensions, thermodynamic properties, phase diagrams;
  • Holographic methods and holographic interpretation;
  • Flat-space holography and its specific geometric tools;
  • Bulk gravitational four-dimensional duality and its boundary manifestations;
  • Higher-dimensional bulk properties (Spin7 and G2 holonomy);
  • Determination of transport coefficients in emergent neutral fluids (e.g. Hall viscosity for the behaviour of rotating superfluids);
  • Charged fluid and their holographic ascendants;
  • Out-of-equilibrium properties.

String-theory (or supergravity) embedding of the above bulk backgrounds is a complementary orientation, together with the study of 11-dimensional supergravity solutions and of their holographic duals. 

Publications :

Ciambelli L, Marteau C, Petkou AC, Petropoulos PM, Siampos K.
Covariant Galiliean vs. Carrollian hydrodynamics from relativistic fluids.
Classical and Quantum Gravity. 2018;Accepted Manuscript online 26 June 2018.

Ciambelli L, Marteau C, Petkou AC, Petropoulos PM, Siampos K.
Flat holography and Carrollian fluids.

Campoleoni A, Ciambelli L, Marteau C, Petkou AC, Petropoulos PM, Siampos K.
Relativistic and Carrollian fluids in three-dimensional holography.


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