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  Recent highlights of research conducted in our group:

  • Dynamical Mean-Field Theory within an Augmented Plane-Wave Framework: Assessing Electronic Correlations in the Iron Pnictide LaFeAsO (2009)
  • Cooling fermionic atoms in optical lattices by shaping the confinement (2009)
  • Trapping and cooling fermionic atoms into the Mott and Neel states (posted 2008)
  • Controlling Luttinger liquid physics in weakly coupled ladders under magnetic field (posted 2008)
  • Optical Properties of Correlated Materials or Why Intelligent Windows may look Dirty (2008)
  • Bandwidth and Fermi surface of Iron-Oxypnictides: covalency and sensitivity to structural changes (posted 2008)
  • Multiplets Matter: The Electronic Structure of Rare-Earth Semiconductors and Semimetals (posted 2008)
  • Quench Dynamics and Nonequilibrium Phase Diagram of the Bose-Hubbard Model (posted 2007)
  • Cold atom microscope (posted 2007), see as well 'Microscope could scan optical lattices' in
  • Wannier functions and flexible implementation of DMFT within electronic structure codes (posted 2006)
  • Interaction-Induced Adiabatic Cooling and Antiferromagnetism of Cold Fermions in Optical Lattices(posted 2005)
  • Interorbital charge transfers as the driving force for the metal-insulator transition of BaVS_3 (posted 2005)
  • When Mott meets Peierls: the Metal-Insulator Transition in Vanadium Dioxide(posted 2004)

     Honours and distinctions:

    2009: Thesis Price of Ecole Polytechnique awarded to Lam Dao for his PhD thesis "Strongly-correlated ultracold atoms in optical lattices" under the direction of A. Georges

    2009: Hertha-Sponer Prize of the German Physical Society awarded to C. Kollath

    2008: Thesis Price of Ecole Polytechnique awarded to Jan M. Tomczak for his PhD thesis "Spectral and Optical Properties of Correlated Materials" under the direction of S. Biermann

    2007: Silver Medal of CNRS-France awarded to A. Georges

    2006: A.Georges, G.Kotliar, W.Metzner and D.Vollhardt have been awarded the: Agilent Technologies-Europhysics Prize `for the development and application of Dynamical Mean-Field Theory'

    2004: Dargelos prize of the society of alumni of Ecole Polytechnique awarded to A.Georges (jointly with climatologist H. Le Treut)