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Postdoctoral positions available !

Several postdoctoral openings are available in the group of Antoine Georges,
for a start in the Spring or Fall 2016

Applications are welcome NOW in the various fields covered by our group:
- strongly correlated systems in a model context
- electronic structure of strongly correlated materials
- physics of ultracold atoms in optical lattices.

Some of these positions will be funded by the ERC-Synergy project
`Frontiers in Quantum Materials Control' (QMAC)
which provides a lively international research environment aiming at 
controlling by light or heterostructuring the electronic properties of correlated electron materials.

One of these positions, for a postdoc with already confirmed experience,
will be based at the University of Geneva - DQMP,
in the framework of the MARVEL research program. 

Please send your CV, a brief description of your research interests, and the names of at least two referees to: