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A selection of Seminars and Lectures :

Some (but unfortunately not all) of the events below are registered in the Paris area seminar website 'semparis'
The events indicated in red are those more directly related to Quantum Condensed Matter

At College de France:

Physics and Chemistry Lectures
(by Marc Fontecave, Antoine Georges, Clement Sanchez, Jean Dalibard,
Jean-Marie Tarascon, Francoise Combes, Bernard Derrida)

All lectures at College de France

Seminar/Colloquium of the Institut de Physique

Seminar/Colloquium of the Institut de Chimie

Nearby College de France (downtown Paris):

Ecole Normale Superieure - Departement de Physique - 24 rue Lhomond 75005

(with in particular a weekly general colloquium on Thursdays at 13:30, and several different seminars)

ESPCI - LPEM - 10 rue Vauquelin 75005
(The seminar is currently organized by Benoit Fauque)

Universite Paris-Diderot LMPQ - 10 rue Alice Domon et Leonie Duquet 75013
(The seminar is currently organized by Indranil Paul)

Institut Francilien des Atomes Froids (ENS - 45 rue d'Ulm, Batiment IFRAF)
Weekly seminar on Cold Atomic Gases on Wednesdays at 13:30
(currently organized by Felix Werner)

At Ecole Polytechnique:

General Physics Colloquium
(Monthly, usually on a thursday at 17:00)

Each of the 9 Physics Lab have seminars, e.g. at LSI

Nearby Ecole Polytechnique (Paris-Saclay area):

Laboratoire de Physique des Solides (Batiment 510), Orsay:

- Seminaire Theorie de la Matiere Condensee sur le Plateau (Thursdays at 11:00, organized by M.Civelli)

- Seminaire "Matiere Quantique" (ex-Magnetisme et Supraconductivite) Mondays at 14:30

- General Colloquium

Institut de Physique Theorique IPhT-CEA-Saclay

Various seminars and lectures, see website of IPhT

Paris and Saclay areas: Graduate-level (Doctoral) Courses are organized on many different topics by ED-PIF