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Lectures by A.Georges:

- Current and past lectures at College de France (research-oriented lectures, topic changes each year)

- Master-1 Lectures at Ecole Polytechnique: Quantum Physics of Electrons in Solids

- Lectures at the Master-2 `Concepts Fondamentaux de la Physique' (ICFP)

- Advanced Master 2 lectures on many-body theory (taught until 2010): lecture notes (in French), Problem sets (2001-2006)

Lectures by A.Georges at Summer Schools:

  Strongly Correlated Electron Materials: Dynamical Mean-Field Theory and Electronic Structure
in: Lectures on the physics of highly correlated electron systems VIII, A.Avella and F.Mancini Eds.
AIP Conference Proceedings -- August 20, 2004 -- Volume 715, Issue 1, pp. 3-74
Freely available version of these lecture notes: cond-mat/0403123
(as taught in the Troisieme Cycle de la Suisse Romande, EPFL, 2002)

Condensed Matter Physics with Light and Atoms: Strongly Correlated Cold Fermions in Optical Lattices
in: Proceedings of the Enrico Fermi Summer School on Ultra-cold Fermi gases (M.Inguscio, W.Ketterle and C.Salomon eds.)
Freely available version of these lecture notes: cond-mat/0702122

Strongly Correlated Bosons and Fermions in Optical Lattices (by A.Georges and T.Giamarchi)
Lectures at the Les Houches summer school 2010 `Many-Body Physics with Ultracold Gases'
Oxford University Press (2012). Freely available version: arXiv:1308.2684