The center of Theoretical Physics (CPHT) at Ecole Polytechnique gathers research scientists working in diverse domains of fundamental and applied Physics. The overall coherence is assured by the corpus of common, transposable, mathematical and numerical methods.

CPHT is on the campus of Ecole Polytechnique, buildings 5 and 6. The reception offices are located in "building 6" , offices 06.1046 and 06.1045.

How to visit us 

The CPHT is formally divided into six groups:


Ecole Polytechnique 
91128 Palaiseau cedex 

Secretary phone number : 01 69 33 42 01 (from abroad: +33 169 334 201)
Fax number : 01 69 33 49 49 (from abroad: +33 169 334 201)
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  • Professor at Columbia University
  • "2016 Visiting Professor" in the framework of the Columbia - Ecole Polytechnique - Alliance program


    Address CPHT, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau cedex, France
    Phone number +33-(0)1 69 33 42 92
    Fax number +33-(0)1 69 33 49 49
    Office "Aile zéro", office 1014


Boris Altshuler, professor at Columbia University, is visiting Ecole Polytechnique for a  period of 6 months, starting end of january 2016. He has been appointed Visiting Professor  in the framework of the Columbia - Ecole Polytechnique - Alliance program,

Professor Altshuler has made pioneering contributions to theoretical condensed matter physics, especially on Anderson localisation, including localisation and interactions. In recent years, he initiated the study of "Many Body Localisation", which is currently a very active field of research.
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During his visit to France, Boris Altshuler will share his time between the CPHT and IOGS on the Ecole Polytechnique campus, and the Institut de Physique du College de France. In April 2016, he will deliver a series of lectures on Anderson localisation and Many-Body Localisation, which will take place on the Ecole Polytechnique campus. 

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