Equipe de recherche au CPHT : Matière condensée

Thèmes de recherche : Green's functions, DMFT, diagrammatic extensions, Feynman diagrams and related techniques

Sujet de thèse : "Spontaneous symmetry breaking in materials with strong electronic correlations"

Directeur de thèse Evgeny Stepanov

Résumé de la thèse

Strong electronic correlations may lead to formation of different ordered phases in materials. Some of these orderings, such as magnetic, charge density wave, or superconducting phases, appear as the result of spontaneous breaking of the initial symmetry of the system. The theoretical description of this dynamical effect is challenging and, apart of many computational efforts, requires developing new concepts that go beyond the state-of-the-art approaches. The current project aims at designing an efficient theoretical framework for describing the dynamical symmetry breaking in materials caused by electronic interactions. The resulting method will provide a more accurate analysis of collective instabilities in electronic systems, and will further be used for describing and predicting interesting many-body effects in novel materials.


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