Interaction Laser Plasma

Coordinateur : Stefan Hüller

  • Membres permanents :

Arnaud Couairon 
Anne Héron (60 %) 

  • Doctorant :

Mufei Luo
Grégoire Varillon

  • Post-Doctorants : 

Jeffrey Brown

  • Chercheurs émérites :

Jean-Claude Adam (60 %)
Patrick Mora
Denis Pesme


Activité de recherche

The activities of the "laser-plasma interaction" group are concentrated on the research of hot plasmas mainly in the context of the inertial confinement thermonuclear fusion (ICF) scheme, more precisely "laser fusion". In this frame, further research subjects are laser-plasma interaction in general and particle acceleration by lasers. We follow two principal directions of laser-plasma and laser-matter interaction : (1) One direction is characterized by the interaction of high-intensity and ultrashort (sub-picosecond) laser pulses with tenuous gases or plasmas and with solid-density plasmas. In particular in the context of the interaction with a plasma at solid density we concentrated our efforts to study the relativistic electron transport in the dense matter inside the target and in the plasma corona. An important tool for these studies is our PIC (particle in cell) code. 
Another important activity in this context covers laser-driven particle acceleration. (2) The second activity in the frame of laser-plasma interaction is concerned with high-power lasers within the ICF concept. In this"nanosecond" laser pulse regime we model the proper description of parametric instabilities, in particular Stimulated Brillouin and Raman Scattering, filamentation and their coupling. We consider smoothed laser beams which are particularly important for the MegaJoule laser projects. To provide an adequate description we have developed numerical codes which couple the low-frequency hydrodynamics of the plasma with the laser light propagating. Recent studies have demonstrated an excellent agreement of our numerical simulations with experiments at LULI, underlining the additional plasma-induced smoothing effect on a laser beam which was initially smoothed by optical methods.


Convention de recherche

GDR "LEPICE" Lasers énergétiques et intenses et plasmas sous conditions extrêmes (Responsable : S. Hüller)