Zhaoxuan ZHU



Equipe de recherche au CPHT : Matière condensée

Sujet de thèse : "Quasi-cristaux d'atomes ultra-froids"
Directeur de thèse Laurent Sanchez-Palencia

Bosons fortement corrélés
Monte Carlo quantique

Abstract :
This project aims at studying the physics of quasicrystals in ultracold atomic gases. We shall consider both the cases where a quasicrystal order is imposed by an appropriate arrangement of laser beams and where it is the direct result of engineered long-range interactions, without an external field. We shall particularly focus on fractality and its physical consequences, Bose glass physics, and the onset of a quasicrystalline super-solid phase, characterized by the coexistence of a quasiperiodic order and superfluidity. These studies will be performed using exact Monte Carlo calculations, complemented by meanfield and analytical approaches. We shall focus on experimentally accessible observables with a view towards implementations in ultracold atoms and possibly other AMO platforms.

Publications :

Zhaoxuan Zhu and Kay Jörg Wiese, Spatial shape of avalanches, Phys. Rev.
E 96, 062116 (2017)


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