Workshop: « Quantum many-body physics - new directions and modern applications »


Chair: Karyn Le Hur, thesis supervisor, CNRS, CPHT, École Polytechnique

- 14h15 - 14h45 Matteo Rizzi (Universität zu Köln): Phase Diagram Detection via Gaussian Fitting of Number Probability Distribution

- 14h45 - 15h15 Thomas Schmidt (Université du Luxembourg) Topology and semiclassical transport in interacting electron system

-15h15 - 15h45 Peter P. Orth (Universität des Saarlandes) Nonlinear interrogation of quantum materials: why higher order response tells you more

- 15h45 - 16h15 Cyril Elouard (LPCT, Université de Lorraine) Extending the laws of thermodynamics for arbitrary autonomous quantum systems

16h15 - 16h30 Café et en-cas

- 16h30 - 17h00 Cristiano Ciuti (MPQ, Université Paris-Cité) New quantum many-body effects in high-impedance multi-mode circuit QED

- 17h00 - 17h30 Loic Henriet (Pasqal) tba

- 17h30 - 18h00 Alberto Rosso (CNRS, LPTMS, Université Paris-Saclay) tba

- 18h00 - 18h30 Michel Ferrero (CNRS, CPHT, École Polytechnique) tba