Tutelle du CNRSQuantum Matter group
led by Laurent Sanchez-Palencia



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__| Quasicrystals of Ultracold Atoms (M2 Internship and PhD thesis)

We are continuously seeking for well-qualified, highly-motivated, and dynamic young scientists, at the Ph-D or Master levels as well as Post-Doctoral reasearchers, who wish to pursue a scientific career in a friendly and stimulating group in the field of Theoretical Quantum Physics. Successful applicants are expected to have strong education in one of the following fields:

__|quantum physics
__|atomic physics
__|quantum statistical physics
__|condensed-matter and/or solid-state physics
__|many-body physics.

Nevertheless, we would definitely not exclude candidates from different fields provided that they have a broad education in physics and strong motivation to learn a new research field. Abilities to work in team and to interact with experimentalists will be considered.

The successful candidate will be working at the Center for Theoretical Physics of Ecole Polytechnique, one of the major scientific high education and reasearch institution in France. He or she will form part of the Quantum Matter group led by Laurent Sanchez-Palencia (lsp@cpht.polytechnique.fr). The group focuses on the theoretical study of various aspects of quantum matter, including ultracold atoms, optical lattices, disordered systems, and far-from-equilibrium dynamics for instance. To this end, we develop advanced many-body approaches, both analytical and numerical, and have various collaborations with experimental groups (see our research page).

Potential candidates should contact Laurent Sanchez-Palencia