Particle Physics

Coordinator : Stéphane Munier

  • Permanent staff :  

Cédric Lorcé
Cyrille Marquet 
Urko Reinosa
Claude Roiesnel

  • PhD students:

Anh-Dung Le
Pablo Guerrero Rodriguez
Jan Maelger

  • Post-Docs:

Arturo Amor
Sabrina Cotogno
Anderson Kohara
Daniel Kroff Fogaça

Arkadiusz Trawinski
Shu-Yi Wei

  • Senior Researchers :

Bernard Pire (emeritus)
Tri-Nang Pham

  • Frequent guest :

Stéphane Peigné
Lech Szymanowski


Research activities

Quantum chromodynamics (QCD), CP violation

Many aspects of the standard model of strong and electroweak interactions still remain mysterious. The particle physics team investigates quantum chromodynamics at the border of the domains in which nature is respectively described in terms of quarks and gluons and in terms of hadrons. Recently, a better understanding of QCD in the high-energy regime has been achieved through the discovery of a deep link between the energy evolution of QCD amplitudes and the time evolution of some statistical physics systems. The new concept of finite coupling constant for gluons of tiny energy has enabled the extension of the predictivity of QCD, thanks to a better control on some contributions to measurable amplitudes. Moreover, we have defined the generalized parton distributions of quarks in a real photon, and developed the tools that are necessary to the evaluation of backward meson electroproduction. The results obtained on B-mesons desintegrations have helped the understanding of CP violation, and could be used as a test of theories with extra-dimensions. Finally, using lattice simulations, we have also studied the behavior of some Yukawa model, in particular in the presence of bound states.