String Theory

Coordinator: Marios Petropoulos

Journal Club "Quantum Black Holes on the Plateau"
Research contracts
  • Permanent staff:

Guillaume Bossard 
Emilian Dudas 
Blaise Goutéraux
Hervé Partouche
Andrea Puhm

  • PhD students: 

Quentin Bonnefoy
Luca Ciambelli

Thibaut Coudarchet
Charles Marteau

  • Post-docs:

Debtosh Chowdhury
Severin Lüst
Eric Mefford
Chiara Toldo
Kenta Suzuki




Research activities

The activity of the string-theory team is based on mathematical approaches to strings as well as on applications in the field of gravitation (black holes and cosmology) and phenomenology (models of particle physics). This programme includes the following:
- Construct supersymmetric models, with linear or non-linear realization of supersymmetry.
- Study the patterns of supersymmetry breaking.
- Understand the role of non-perturbative effects in strings or in effective field theories.
- Investigate the string origin of the cosmological constant and understand the transitions occurring during the cosmological evolution. 
- Propose alternative views on inflation and cosmological evolution, inspired by supergravity models.  
- Interpret the black-hole entropy in terms of micro-states. 
- Set a deeper relationship among amplitudes computed in string theory or in 
Finally, applications of the gauge-gravity holographic duality now embrace topics in condensed-matter, like vortex formation in superfluids, graphene, quantum phase transitions or superconductivity phenomena at high temperature, where the quasiparticle paradigm breaks down. 



Champs et cordes à l’ancienne École polytechnique
Topical workshop - Tuesday March 26th 
15:00 - 16:30
- Gabriele Veneziano: Spontaneous CP breaking in QCD and the axion potential
- Prasanta Tripathy: The non-Abelian T-dual of  Klebanov-Witten background  and its Penrose limits
- Rob Leigh: Weyl connections and holography
16:30 - 17:00 coffee break
17:00 - 18:30
- Amihay Hanany: Magnetic quivers
- Jnan Maharana: Is the scattering amplitude analytic in field theory with a compact spatial coordinate?
- Jean-Pierre Derendinger: N = 2 to N = 1 with one hypermultiplet
Amphithéâtre Poincaré - entrance from the 25 rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, 75005 Paris
Restricted access - registration mandatory by e-mail to



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Office Notes
Bonnefoy Quentin  4218 Aile zéro, pièce 1028 Supersymmetric effective theories for particle physics and cosmology
Bossard Guillaume 4283 Aile zéro, pièce 1025 Maximally supersymmetric supergravity ; Construction and classification of black hole solutions ; Non-renormalisation theorems in quantum field theory ; Duality symmetries
Ciambelli Luca 4293 Aile zéro, pièce 1027 AdS/CFT holographic correspondence, black holes and applications
Chowdhury Debtosh 4271  Aile zéro, pièce 1026  
Coudarchet Thibaut    4263 Aile zéro, pièce 1028  
Dudas Emilian 4284 Aile zéro, pièce 1020 Phenomenological consequences of String Theory
Fayet Pierre 4271 Aile zéro, pièce 1026  
Goutéraux Blaise 4217 Aile zéro, pièce 1009 Applications of the AdS/CFT correspondence to strongly correlated Condensed Matter systems; Gravitation and black holes; Hydrodynamics
Lüst Severin 4240  Aile zéro, pièce 1019  
Marteau Charles  4293 Aile zéro, pièce 1027  
Mefford Eric    Aile zéro, pièce 1014  
Partouche Hervé 4251 Aile zéro, pièce 1023 Superstring theory, Cosmology, Unification of interactions, Supersymmetry, Supergravity
Petropoulos Marios 4215 Aile zéro, pièce 1024 Flux compactifications and gauged supergravity ; Supersymmetry breaking, metastable solutions ; Black holes and other singular objects ; Model building, exact solutions and deformations ; Ads/CFT holography ; Braneworlds, de Sitter spaces, Ricci flows
Puhm Andrea 4235 Aile zéro, pièce 1022 Black Holes and the Information Paradox,Gravitational Aspects of String Theory,AdS/CFT and Kerr/CFT Holography,Quantum Information and Black Hole Microstates,Asymptotic Symmetries, Soft Theorems and Quantum Gravity in Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes
Suzuki Kenta    Aile zéro, pièce 1014  
Toldo Chiara 4240  Aile zéro, pièce 1019  
du Vaulchier Balthazar 4263  Aile zéro, pièce 1028