String Theory seminars

Our group hosts or participates in various regular events:

  • local String theory seminars, held at CPHT every other Thursday morning, see list below and our  group event calendar.
  • the Rencontres Théoriciennes,  a joint seminar between the various String theory groups in the Paris are, held every other Thursday morning at Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris. You can find out the upcoming program on Semparis.
  • Journal Club "Quantum Black Holes on the Plateau", held at CPHT every other Friday afternoon.




Date Time Location Speaker Title Affiliation
13/12 15:00 Luois Michel Céline Zwikel
Leaky boundary conditions for JT gravity
Perimeter Institute
13/11 11:00 Louis Michel Adrien Fiorruci Logarithmic Celestial Conformal Field Theory TU Wien
08/11 11:00 Louis Michel Timotej Lemut Reconstructing the quasinormal spectrum from pole-skipping Ljubljana University
21/06 15:00 Louis Michel (Zoom) Olivera Miskovic Infinite-dimensional symmetries in the light front of gauge theories Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso
15/06 10:30 Louis Michel Tomas Andrade Simulating dynamical captures of black holes Universitat de Barcelona
13/06 10:30 Louis Michel Carlo Angelatonj Tachyons and Misaligned Supersymmetry in Closed Superstrings Turin University
06/06 14:00 Louis Michel Andrea Campoleoni Higher spins in flat space: to be or not to be? Université de Mons
01/06 11:00 Louis Michel Olga Papadoulaki Euclidean Wormholes and Holography Perimeter Institute
31/05 10:30 Louis Michel Akash Jain Hot Fractons Amsterdam University
19/05 10:30 Louis Michel Yorgo Pano Symmetries in celestial CFTd CPHT
29/03 11:00 Louis Michel Diego Liska A Principle of Maximum Ignorance for Semiclassical Gravity Amsterdam University
15/03 11:00 Louis Michel Mihailo Cubrovic Quantum electron stars Institute of Physics Belgrade
06/02 11:00 Louis Michel Matthew Dodelson Orbits, scars, and supersymmetric instantons CERN
16/01 11:00 Louis Michel Nicolas Chagnet Ionic lattices in holography and hydrodynamics Leiden University


11:00 Louis Michel Andrea Guerrieri Where is M theory? U. Padova and Perimeter Institute




Date Time Location Speaker Title Affiliation


11:00 Louis Michel Maciej Kolanowski Extremal black holes -- a few (classical) surprises Warsaw University
29/11 11:00 Louis Michel Pavel Kovtun Relativity, dissipation, and universality: from hydrodynamics to effective field theory  University of Victoria
21/11 11:00 Louis Michel Yago Bea Novel aspects in relativistic hydrodynamics Universitat de Barcelona
16/11 11:00 Louis Michel Gonçalo Araujo-Regado Cauchy Slice Holography as an Approach to Quantum Cosmology Cambridge University
08/11 11:00 Louis Michel Rodrigo Olea Energy functionals from Conformal Gravity UNAB Santiago-Chile
07/11 11:00 Louis Michel Raphael Hoult

Stability andCausality of First-Order Hydrodynamics

University of Victoria
03/11 11:00 Louis Michel Marcelo Oyarzo Perturbative higher curvature corrections of black holes and black strings. Universidad de Concepción
27/10 11:00 Louis Michel Arjun Bagchi Tensionless Tales Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
26/10 11:00 Louis Michel Gabriel Cuomo

Line defects in CFTs: from magnets to Wilson lines

Stony Brook University

28/09 12:00 Louis Michel Massimo Bianchi

Quasi-Normal Modes of Black-Holes and Branes from Quantum Seiberg-Witten Curves

University of Rome Tor Vergata
26/09 11:00 Louis Michel Daniel Arean Non-Hermitian Holography Madrid Autonoma
20/09 11:00 CPHT, Conference room Jean Lascoux (Aile 0) Benjamin Withers Relativistic hydrodynamics: a singulant perspective University of Southamptoon
10/06 10:00 Louis Michel Bachas, Herzog, Jensen, Landsteiner, Zaanen Mini-conference on Condensed Matter, Fields and Gravity  
23/05 11:00 Louis Michel Kamran Behnia On the dynamic distinguishability of nodal quasi-particles in overdoped cuprates ESPCI
18/05 11:00 Jean Lascoux Marc Geiller Relaxing the Bondi gauge in 3d and 4d gravity ENS LYON
16/05 11:00 Louis Michel Saso Grozdanov Univalence bounds on transport and effective field theories University of Edinburgh
09/05 11:00 Louis Michel Nick Poovuttikul Anomaly “induce” transport in 2+1 dimensional QFT Durham University
10/02 11:00 Zoom Niko Jokela Hall fluid at strong coupling U of Helsinki
27/01 15:00 Zoom Vladimir Rosenhaus Chaotic scattering in quantum field theory and string theory CUNY
03/01 11:00 Zoom Matteo Fasiello Probing the Early Universe with Primordial Messengers IFT Madrid




Date Time Location Speaker Title Affiliation
10/14 11:00 Louis Michel Richard Davison Chaos and pole-skipping in rotating black holes Heriot-Watt U
10/12 11:00 Louis Michel Sebastian Grieninger (Pseudo)-Spontaneous U(1) Symmetry Breaking in Hydrodynamics and Holography IFT Madrid
09/12 16:00 Louis Michel Shu-Heng Shao Anomalies and Emergent Symmetries on the Lattice and in the Continuum Stony Brook
22/11 11:30 Louis Michel Rodrigo Olea Conformal renormalization in AdS gravity PUCV, Valparaiso, Chile
22/11 11:00 Louis Michel Olivera Miskovic Chern-Simons supergravity and black holes with unbroken symmetry PUCV, Valparaiso, Chile
08/10 15:00 Louis Michel Anastasios Petkou On scale, conformal and Weyl invariance in QFT Aristotle U of Thessaloniki




Date Time Location Speaker Title Affiliation
31/03 11:00 Louis Michel Tarek Annous   Amsterdam U
03/03 11:00 Louis Michel Giuseppe Policastro   ENS
11/02 11:00 Louis Michel Keun-Young Kim   GIST
28/01 11:00 Louis Michel Blagoje Oblak Virasoro Berry Phases in the KdV Equation UPMC
21/01 11:00 Louis Michel Ivano Basile On Vacuum Stability without Supersymmetry: Brane dynamics, bubbles and holography SNS-Pisa
14/01 11:00 Louis Michel Oscar Henriksson Stringy instabilities in holographic gauge theories at finite density Helsinki U




Date Time Location Speaker Title Affiliation
03/12 14:00 Louis Michel Ro Jofferson Black Hole Interiors, State Dependence, and Modular Inclusions AEI Potsdam
03/12 11:00 Louis Michel Alejandra Castro New aspects of the nAdS2/nCFT1 correspondence Amsterdam U
26/11 14:00 Louis Michel Akash Jain Generalised global symmetries and magnetohydrodynamics Victoria U
26/11 11:00 Louis Michel Laurentiu Rodina The Unique S-matrix IPhT, Saclay
12/11 11:00 Louis Michel Natalia Pinzani Fokeeva Holographic Schwinger-Keldysh effective field theories KU Leuven
05/11 11:00 Louis Michel Mahdi Godazgar Asymptotic charges in gravity Queen Mary U, London
29/10 11:00 Louis Michel Ruth Gregory Holographic Thermodynamics of Accelerating Black Holes Durham U
08/10 11:00 Louis Michel Elias Kiritsis Emergent gravity from hidden sectors APC and U of Crete
01/10 11:00 Louis Michel Francesco Galvagno 1/2 BPS Wilson loops in N=2 SuperConformal Field theories U of Turin
26/06 11:00 Louis Michel Victoria Martin The connection between quasinormal modes and heat kernels Arizona State U
25/06 11:00 Louis Michel Romain Ruzziconi The Λ-BMS4 group of dS4 and new boundary conditions for AdS4 ULB, Brussels
18/06 14:00 Louis Michel Alexander Krikun Isolated zeros destroy segments of Fermi surface in holographic models with lattice Lorentz Center, Leiden U
17/06 14:00 Jean Lascoux David Mateos Holographic Dynamics across a phase transition Universitat de Barcelona
16/05 14:00 Jean Lascoux Ruben Monten The TTbar deformation and holography IPhT, Saclay
06/05 14:00 Louis Michel Carlo Heissenberg Higher-Spin Asymptotic Symmetries, Charges and Soft Theorems SNS Pisa
21/03 11:00 Louis Michel Davide Cassani On the holographic origin of the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of 1/16 BPS AdS_5 black holes INFN, Padua
05/03 14:00 Louis Michel Daniel Mayerson Probing Black Hole Microstate Evolution with Networks and Random Walks IPhT, Saclay
12/02 11:00 Louis Michel Xavier Bekaert Symmetries and spectrum of conformal higher-spin gravity Tours U
05/02 11:00 Louis Michel Gary Horowitz Singularities and Cosmic Censorship UC Santa Barbara
31/01 11:00 Louis Michel Michele Levi Effective Field Theories of Post-Newtonian Gravity IPhT, Saclay
17/01 15:00 Jean Lascoux George Zahariade Classical-Quantum Correspondence and Backreaction Arizona State
15/01 15:00 Louis Michel Tin Sulejmanpasic Nonlinear sigma models in 2d, theta-terms, anomaly matching and lattice field theory ENS, Paris




Date Time Location Speaker Title Affiliation
17/12 11:00 Louis Michel Shira Shapman Holographic Complexity in Vaidya Spacetimes Amsterdam U
13/12 11:00 Louis Michel Carlo Angelantonj GUT Scale Unification in Heterotic String Turin U.
11/12 11:00 Louis Michel Saso Grozdanov Lectures 3&4 on Many-body quantum chaos from black holes to hydrodynamics MIT
04/12 11:00 Louis Michel Saso Grozdanov Lectures 1&2 on Many-body quantum chaos from black holes to hydrodynamics MIT
27/11 11:00 Louis Michel Swapnamay Mondal Fuzz in the horizon ? LPTHE, Paris
13/11 11:00 Louis Michel Chiara Toldo NUTs and Bolts: free energy via susy localization CPHT
30/10 11:00 Louis Michel Agnese Bissi Quantum gravity from conformal bootstrap Uppsala U
14/09 14:30 Louis Michel Gaston Giribet T\bar{T} deformations, AdS/CFT and correlation function