Journée des Thèses du CPHT 22 novembre 2019

La Journée des Thèses a eu lieu au CPHT le vendredi 22 novembre 2019  dans la salle de conférence Louis Michel.

Format : 10 minutes/exposé + 5 minutes pour les questions

10h00 - 11h15

• [10h00 - 10h15] Nicolas DELPORTE Quantum field theory on random geometries

• [10h15 - 10h30] Jordan MOLES Concentration inequalities

• [10h30 - 10h45] James BOUST Rare-Earth-based hard magnetic materials

• [10h45 - 11h00] Thibaut COUDARCHET Vacuum stability in string theory

• [11h00 - 11h15] Alice MOUTENET Developing diagrammatic algorithms to tackle the quantum many-body problem in and out of equilibrium

11h15 - 11h30 : pause café

11h30 - 12h45

• [11h30 - 11h45] Julian LEGENDRE Topology in magnetically ordered Kagome systems

• [11h45 - 12h00] Jan SCHNEIDER Correlation spreading in long-range systems

• [12h00 - 12h15] David RIVERA Topological regularization of gravity

• [12h15 - 12h30] Nahuel BARRIOS Perturbative study of long-distance non-abelian gauge theories

• [12h30 - 12h45] Hepeng YAO One-dimesional ultracold bosons in quasiperiodic potential: localization and fractality

12h45 - 14h00 : pause déjeûner

14h00 -15h00

• [14h00 - 14h15] Sabine HARRIBEY Renormalization in tensor field theory and the melonic fixed point

• [14h15 - 14h30] Benjamin BACQ-LABREUIL Study of an unconventional phase in Na-doped Ca2CuO2Cl using Dynamical Mean Field Theory

• [14h30 - 14h45] Louis VILLA Correlation spreading and excitation spectra of quantum systems out-of-equilibrium

• [14h45 - 15h00] Grégoire VARILLON Non-modal hydrodynamic stability analysis of ablation flows relative to inertial confinement fusion

15h00 - 15h15 : pause café

15h15 - 15h30

Aurélien Canou : Soutien au calcul numérique au CPHT

15h30 - 16h30

• [15h30 - 15h45] Mufei LUO The role of laser bandwidth and random phase effects on the coupling in stimulated scattering instabilities in inhomogeneous plasma

• [15h45 - 16h00] William FOCILLON Structure du spin du proton et théorie de jauge

• [16h00 - 16h15] Balthazar DE VAULCHIER Induced gravity through compactification

• [16h15 - 16h30] Dung LE Light-cone wave function of onium in onium-nucleus scattering in different frames

16h30 : goûter et présentation des nouveaux membres du CPHT