PhD Student

Resarch activities at CPHT: Condensed Matter

Thesis: "First-principles theory of magnetic intermetallics"

Advisor: Leonid Pourovskii

Abstract : The aim of my PhD is to study hard-magnetic RE-TM-based (RE: rare-earth, TM: transition metal) materials. Their exceptional hard-magnetic properties result from the combination of a large magnetization and high Curie temperature from the TM sub-lattice as well as a strong magnetic crystalline anisotropy provided by the localized RE magnetic moments. The challenge in this field is to find materials of similar performance as the current state-of-the-art compounds but with reduced concentration of RE (especially heavy RE). I model these systems with ab initio techniques, Density-Functional Theory (DFT) and Dynamical Mean-Field Theory (DMFT).

Publications :

Galler A, Boust J, Demourgues A, Biermann S, Pourovskii LV.
Correlated electronic structure and optical response of rare-earth based semiconductors.
Physical Review B. 2021;103(24):L241105.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.103.L241105.

Pourovskii LV, Boust J, Ballou R, Eslava GG, Givord D.
Higher-order crystal field and rare-earth magnetism in rare-earth-Co5 intermetallics.
Physical Review B. 2020;101(21):214433.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.101.214433.


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