PhD Student

Resarch activities at CPHT: Condensed Matter

Thesis: Far-from-equilibrium dynamics of ultracold quantum systems
Advisor: Laurent Sanchez-Palencia

Abstract :Understanding the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of correlated quantum systems is still a major challenge for many-body quantum theory and quantum technologies. The efficient implementation of quantum simulators on various extremely well controlled platforms, such as ultracold atoms, cavity polaritons or superconducting circuits, opens unprecedented perspectives for understanding fundamental properties of these systems, such as relaxation towards equilibrium, transport properties or the propagation of quantum information, for instance. Systems with long-range interactions are both particularly interesting and difficult. From a fundamental point of view, many of the concepts established in short-range systems, such as ergodicity, the equivalence of statistical ensembles, or the notion of elementary excitations and group velocity, can break down in the presence of long-range interactions and novel approaches are required, both at equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium. 
he theory. Significant progress has been made over the last few years on trapped-ion systems where the interactions can be controlled by light, on dipolar atoms and on Rydberg atoms. These systems pave the way to the quantum simulation of long-range systems and offer very promising qubit registers for quantum information. The aim of my thesis is to study various aspects of the non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum systems with long-range interactions.


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