2022 CPHT Students conference on Friday, November 25


The students conference is organized this year on Friday, November 25, Becquerel amphitheatre.

speakers and titles

9h15 - 10h45

1-Jean-Gabriel Thiriet (Stability analysis of ablation flows in inertial-confinement fusion: receptivity)
2-Adrien Loty (Unitarity constraints on maximally supersymmetric string theories)
3-Theophile Truchis (Metastability and state clustering in evolutionary games)
4-Zhaoxuan Zhu (Thermodynamic phase diagram of two-dimensional bosons in a quasicrystal potential)
5-Matthieu Vilatte (A dive into the Carrollian world)
6-Majdouline Borji (Perturbative renormalization of boundary field theory)
7-Victor Franken (Entanglement builds bridges (in quantum gravity)

11h15 - 12h30

8-Ephraim  Bernhardt (Topology of spin-1/2 systems and relations to a « quantum dynamo)
9-Dylan Bansard-Tresse (Extreme value laws and hitting times for dynamical systems)
10-David Rivera Betancour (Carrollian perspective of fluids and holography)
11-Frederick del Pozo (Fractional topology in one-dimensional interacting superconductors)
12-Pauline Besserve (Selected aspects of quantum algorithmics for the quantum many-body problem in the noisy era)
13-Mathieu Beauvillain (Non-linear edge dynamics for quantum-hall droplets)

14h45 - 16h15

14-Mohamed Rekhis (Toroidally-induced Alfven eigenmode (TAE) destabalization by energetic particles in tokamak plasmas)
15-Erik Linner (Multi-channel fluctuating field approach to competing instabilities in interacting electronic systems)
16-Sariah Al Saati (Topological Nodal Ring Semimetal in Graphene)
17-Gabriele Casagrande (Minimal supergravity models for inflation)
18-Anustrup Mukerjee (Search for novel transition metal chalcogenides for thermoelectric applications)
19-Liam Rampon (Exploring strongly correlated condensed matter using numerical methods)
20-Pierre Wang (Triviality of phi-4 theory in the mean field approximation)

Tea Time