CPHT Condensed Matter seminar


Tuesday, March 21 at 14:00

Conference room Laurent Schwartz (CMLS)

Dario Fiore Mosca (CPHT)

Multipolar magnetism in 5d osmate double perovskites

Abstract: The Spin-Orbit Coupling effect plays a crucial role in the correlated electron physics of 5d transition metal oxides, enabling the formation of unique magnetic phases involving high-rank magnetic multipoles. We show that the 5d1 osmate double perovskite Ba2NaOsO6 and 5d2 Ba2MOsO6 (M = Mg, Ca, Zn) are ideal for exploring such physics. They display strong interconnection between the structural, electronic, and magnetic degrees of freedom that gives rise to multipolar interactions, multipolar order, and spin-orbit polarons.