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Professor at Ecole Polytechnique

Laureate of an ERC Starting Grant, Horizon 2020, "Hydrodynamics, Holography and strongly-coupled Quantum Matter"

Research group: String Theory


Addresse CPHT, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau cedex, France
Tél. 01 69 33 42 17
Fax 01 69 33 49 49
Bureau Aile zéro, Pièce 00.1009

Research interests

  • Gauge-Gravity duality

  • Hydrodynamics and effective theories with broken symmetries

  • Strongly-correlated Condensed Matter systems


Phd Thesis

Blaise Goutéraux, "Black-Hole Solutions to Einstein's Equations in the Presence of Matter and Modifications of Gravitation in Extra Dimensions". PhD in Theoretical Physics, University Paris-Sud XI, 2010. PhD advisor: Christos Charmousis.


Recent Publications

My most recent list of publications can be found on arXiv, Inspire or Google Scholar.