PhD Student

Research group: Condensed matter

Advisor: Michel Ferrero

Thesis: "Interplay between topology and electronic interactions in strongly correlated quantum systems"

Research interests

Interacting quantum systems / Strongly correlated materials / Quantum many-body physics / Dynamical mean-field theory / Quantum Monte Carlo algorithms

In strongly correlated quantum systems, the interactions between the particles lead to fascinating phenomena such as superconductivity, Mott metal-to-insulator transitions, quantum criticality, unusual magnetic orders, etc. They also often lead to rich phase diagrams where different phases compete. The goal of this PhD is to understand the nature of these phase diagrams from a theoretical point of view. In particular, we aim at understanding the interplay between the electronic correlations and the topology of the underlying lattice. Modern many-body techniques and algorithms will be used, such as extensions of the dynamical mean-field theory and diagrammatic Monte Carlo.