Tristan GAMOT


Phd student

Research group : Mathematical physics

Thesis: "Early warning signals of epidemic transitions in agroecological systems"

Advisor: Jean-René Chazottes et Tom Van Dooren (iEES Paris, Sorbonne Université)

Research interests 

Evolutionary epidemiology, dynamical systems, metastability, tipping points, early-warning signals, agroecology, modelling 

There is much interest in developing and measuring early warning signals (EWS) of an emerging epidemic. Such EWS announce “tipping”, which is defined as a disproportionate system output change in response to a change in input occurring at certain critical levels or rates. In the context of plant-pathogen agricultural systems with evolving pathogens, warning signals can be for different types of events and different kinds of tipping. In this project, I will carry out a comprehensive analysis of three general types of tipping which can occur in a wheat pathogen eco-evolutionary model during the transition towards a sustainable agriculture and of the EWS associated with them.


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