String Theory

Coordinator : Marios Petropoulos

Research contracts
  • Permanent staff :

Guillaume Bossard 
Emilian Dudas 
Blaise Goutéraux
Hervé Partouche
Andrea Puhm

  • PhD students: 

Quentin Bonnefoy
Luca Ciambelli
Charles Cosnier-Horeau

Claude Fleming
Charles Marteau

  • Post-docs:

Debtosh Chowdhury
Severin Lüst

  • Retired:

Pierre Fayet (emeritus LPTENS)

  • Visitor:

Augusto Sagnotti

Research activities

  • String Compactifications with or without fluxes
  • Orientifolds, string model building and supersymmetry breaking
  • String Theory in time-dependent backgrounds
  • String and brane cosmology
  • D-branes in curved backgrounds and Boundary CFT
  • Large-N gauge theories, holography and bulk-boundary correspondence.


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Office Notes
Bonnefoy Quentin  4218 Aile zéro, pièce 1028 Supersymmetric effective theories for particle physics and cosmology
Bossard Guillaume 4283 Aile zéro, pièce 1025 Maximally supersymmetric supergravity ; Construction and classification of black hole solutions ; Non-renormalisation theorems in quantum field theory ; Duality symmetries
Ciambelli Luca 4293 Aile zéro, pièce 1027 AdS/CFT holographic correspondence, black holes and applications
Cosnier-Horeau Charles 4263 Aile zéro, pièce 1028 BPS states and BPS amplitudes in String Theory
Dudas Emilian 4284 Aile zéro, pièce 1020 Phenomenological consequences of String Theory
Fayet Pierre 4271 Aile zéro, pièce 1026  
Fleming Claude 4282 Aile zéro, pièce 1028  
Goutéraux Blaise 4240 Aile zéro, pièce 1019  
Marteau Charles  4293 Aile zéro, pièce 1027  
Partouche Hervé 4251 Aile zéro, pièce 1023 Superstring theory, Cosmology, Unification of interactions, Supersymmetry, Supergravity
Petropoulos Marios 4215 Aile zéro, pièce 1024 Flux compactifications and gauged supergravity ; Supersymmetry breaking, metastable solutions ; Black holes and other singular objects ; Model building, exact solutions and deformations ; Ads/CFT holography ; Braneworlds, de Sitter spaces, Ricci flows
Puhm Andrea 4235 Aile zéro, pièce 1022