Graduate students


Sariah Al Saati
"Topological Materials, Semimetals and Quantum Information"
Advisor: Karyn Le Hur

Dylan Bansard-Tresse
"Concentration inequalities for nonuniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems"
Advisor: Jean-René Chazottes

Mathieu Beauvillain
"Asymptotic Symmetries and Nonlinear Hydrodynamics in the Quantum Hall Effect"
Advisor: Marios Petropoulos

Gabriele Casagrande
"Swampland and supersymmetry breaking in strings and brane models"
Advisor : Emilian Dudas

Théophile de Truchis de Lays
"Stochastic metastability of high-dimensionnal ecosystems"
Advisor: Jean-René Chazottes

Frederick del Pozo
"Field Theory, Quantum Dynamics and Light-Matter Coupling"
Advisor: Karyn Le Hur

Victor Dubois
"Fluid and Kinetic macroscopic instabilities in a tokamak plasma"
Advisor: Hinrich Lutjens

Fanny Eustachon
"Conformal Fields theories at large N"
Advisor: Dario Benedetti

Felix Fossati
Advisor: Evgeny Stepanov

Victor Franken
"Holography, entanglement, and quantum cosmology"
Advisor: Hervé Partouche

Tristan Gamot
"Early warning signals of epidemic transitions in agroecological systems"
Advisors:  Jean-Rene Chazottes (CPHT) et Tom Van Dooren (iEES Paris, Sorbonne Université)

Silvia Georgescu
"Holography beyond AdS"
Advisors: Hervé Partouche et Monica Guica (IPhT CEA Saclay)

Adrien Kahn
"Neural Network methods for Correlated Quantum Systems"
Advisor: Filippo Vicentini

Adrien Loty
"Constraints on effective theories in quantum gravity"
Advisor: Guillaume Bossard

Victor Thomas Mari Surkau
"Improvements of the Polyakov loop potential and phenomenological applications to Quantum Chromodynamics"
Advisor: Urko Reinosa

Godefroy Meynard
Advisor: Stefan Hüller

Anustrup Mukerjee
"Investigation of transport properties of state-of-the-art transition metals chalcogenides for the thermoelectric applications using first principles calculations"
Advisor: Alaska Subedi

Yorgo Pano
"Amplitudes and holography"
Advisor: Andrea Puhm

Thomas Pochart
"Analysis of diffusion amplitudes using basic principles"
Advisor:: Balt Van Rees

Liam Rampon
"Interplay between topology and electronic interactions in strongly correlated quantum systems"
Advisor: Michel Ferrero

Ahmedeo Shokri
Advisor: Filippo Vicentini

Clément Supiot
Advisor:  Blaise Goutéraux

Jean-Gabriel Thiriet
"Stability of ablation flows in inertial confinement fusion: receptivity"
Advisors: Arnaud Couairon et Jean-Marie Clarisse(CEA)

Matthieu Vilatte
"Conformal Field Theories, holography fluid/gravity and the asymptotic structure of the gravitation"
Advisors: Marios Petropoulos et Anastasios Petkou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Pierre Wang
Advisor: Christoph Kopper

Hoyeon Won "Tenseur énergie-impulsion des hadrons et propriétés mécaniques" Advisor: Cédric Lorcé

Jie Xiong
"Correlated Electron Materials: New combinations of perturbative and non-perturbative many-body methods for a realistic theoretical description"
Advisor: Silke Biermann

Shengyie Yu
Advisor: Laurent Sanchez-Palencia

Zhaoxuan Zhu
"Quasicrystals of Ultracold Atoms"
Advisor: Laurent Sanchez Palencia