Graduate students


Benjamin Bacq-Labreuil
"Correlated Electron Materials: Many-body perturbation theory and dynamical mean field techniques for realistic multi-orbital models"
Advisor:  Silke Biermann

Nahuel Barrios
"Two-loop correlation functions of non-abelian gauge theories from the Curci-Ferrari model"
Advisors: Urko Reinosa and Marcela Peláez

Ephraim Bernhardt
"Gauge fields, Interacting topological phases and localization"
Advisor: Karyn Le Hur

Pauline Besserve
"Quantum-classical hybrid algorithms for quantum many-body physics"
Advisor : Michel Ferrero

Majdouline Borji
"Renormalization of quantum field theories that break translation invariance."
Advisor: Christoph Kopper

James Boust
"First-principles theory of magnetic intermetallics"
Advisor: Leonid Pourovskii

Gabriele Casagrande
"Swampland and supersymmetry breaking in strings and brane models"
Advisor : Emilian Dudas

Frederick del Pozo
"Interacting Quantum Field Theory, Dynamics and Light-Matter Coupling"
Advisor: Karyn Le Hur

William Focillon
"Proton spin structure and gauge symmetry"
"When perturbation theory becomes non-perturbative : application to strongly-correlated materials"
Advisor: Cédric Lorcé

Renaud Garioud
Advisor : Michel Ferrero

Silvia Georgescu
"Holography beyond AdS"
Advisors: Hervé Partouche et Monica Guica (IPhT CEA Saclay)

Sabine Harribey
"Renormalization in tensor field theory and the melonic fixed point"
Advisors : Razvan Gurau et Dario Benedetti

Anh-Dung Le
"High-energy and high-density quantum chromodynamics: theory, links with statistical physics problems,and phenomenology"
Advisor: Stéphane Munier

Julian Legendre
"Topological Properties of the Kagome Lattice and Light-Matter Systems"
Advisor: Karyn Le Hur

Erik Linnér
"Charge-Transfer Excitations in Transition Metal Oxides: New Theoretical Approaches"
Advisor:  Silke Biermann

Adrien Loty
"Constraints on effective theories in quantum gravity"
Advisor: Guillaume Bossard

Mufei Luo
"Multi laser beam -plasma interaction : speckles laser beams and crossed beam energy transfer in presence of backscattering"
Advisors: Stefan Hüller, Min Chen (University  Shanghai JiaoTong) et Zheng-Ming Sheng (University of Strathclyle Glasgow)

Yorgo Pano
"Amplitudes and holography"
Advisor: Andrea Puhm

Mohamed Rekhis
"Impact of kinetic ion populations on macro instabilities in tokamak plasmas"
Advisor: Hinrich Lütjens

David Rivera Betancour
"Fluids, higher-derivative gravity and conformal field theories"
Advisor: Marios Petropoulos

Jan Schneider
"Far-from-equilibrium dynamics in ultracold and long-range quantum systems"
Advisor: Laurent Sanchez Palencia

Filippo Sottovia
"Effective Field Theory Methods for Strongly-Coupled Quantum Systems"
Advisor:  Blaise Goutéraux

Jean-Gabriel Thiriet
"Stability of ablation flows in inertial confinement fusion: receptivity"
Advisors: Arnaud Couairon et Jean-Marie Clarisse(CEA)

Marcello Turtulici
"ab-initio materials simulations for correlated electron systems with defects"
Advisor:  Silke Biermann

Balthazar de Vaulchier
"String theory and effective theory"
Advisor: Hervé Partouche

Matthieu Vilatte
"Conformal Field Theories, holography fluid/gravity and the asymptotic structure of the gravitation"
Advisors: Marios Petropoulos et Anastasios Petkou

Xiang Zhao
"Aspects of Conformal Field Theories and Quantum Fields in AdS"
Advisor: Balt Van Rees

Zhaoxuan Zhu
"Quasicrystals of Ultracold Atoms"
Advisor: Laurent Sanchez Palencia

Long Zou
Advisor: Arnaud Couairon